No-Reply is evil


This is Monday morning, and I want to talk about UX (hype initials for User Experience).
You know, this discipline made to ensure that your users feel comfortable when using your product.

A basic rule in UX is to never restrict your users. It may seem logical, but many companies sucks at this.

Te famous ”” is typically one of these useless annoying anti-patterns. 

Seriously, why would you want to prevent your recipient from responding if she wants to? … Because there is no inbox at the other side?
Okay… We are in 2014, creating a mailbox or setup a redirection became a stupid thing.

Maybe for organizational matters, to avoid emails coming from anywhere (aka “out of provided feedback or contact area).
The fact is that it makes no difference: you allocate time and/or staff to answer your customers (otherwise you have a serious problem that goes beyond the scope of this post!).

My most recent experience is with a crowdfunding platform.
After submitting a project for validation, I got the following mail:


Thanks for bringing your project to us. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to validate it for now. This is a great project, but your description lacks the following information: ….. . Feel free to get back to us with more information.


You got it, the from address is
In other words, they asked me to provide more details on my project (and I was eager to do so!), but they destroyed my impulse with a dead end…

In the end, I had to reconnect on the website site, find a contact address in the forum associated with my project, and copy/paste the content of my mail to make a new one. Not a big deal, but still frustrating.

Seriously, don’t do noreply…

  • You bother your customers/users
  • You miss feedback or other useful ‘hot’ information
  • It doesn’t cost you more to redirect replies to the appropriate service
  • These are things that create unsatisfied users

No-Reply, in the ‘Why the fuck’ caterogy, is  pretty well placed!